Ravenwood's Glossary


(adj.) Persons who are disabled
-also: Gimps, Handicapped. - link me


(noun) The result of not increasing (or only increasing a little bit) any level of spending or pay. Whenever periodic pay rates or spending remains at the same level as was previously established, or is not increased as much as liberals would like, it is considered a "cut". Spending that increases but not quite as much as the rate of inflation.

Not to be confused with an actual rate decrease, which is considered a "giveaway" for the "rich".
-also: Tax cut, Pay cut, Tom Daschle's 3.1% increase in pay pay cut. - link me

Dodge City

(analogy) The assinine analogy of restored firearms rights to a "wild west" scenario. GFWs hold the irrational fear that otherwise law abiding citizens will somehow be magically corrupted and resort to shooting each other dead in the street should they be permitted to carry an evil firearm.
-also: Ravenwood's Law, wild west, gun-nuts gone wild, anarchy, blood in the streets. - link me


(acronym)(euphemism) Dead Right There. A person whose life was unexpectedly terminated, usually by an extremely violent perforation to the chest or head. as in: The no good bastard was shot dead right there.
-also: pushing up daisies, taking the eternal dirt nap, kicked out of the gene pool. - link me


A vegetarian who eats meat, fish, eggs, seafood, or other non-vegetarian dishes.
-also: liar, hypocrite, wannabe. - link me

For the children

An excuse used to deflect criticism for horrible and nonsensical laws or restrictions on human freedom. The law need not actually benefit children, and most of the time, it does just the opposite. No matter what the cost, or how stupid the restriction may be, if it is done "for the children", it must be okay.
-also: for the animals, for the elderly, for the poor, for America. - link me


(acronym)(noun) Gun Fearing Wussy. A person who displays an irrational fear of an inanimate object. The fear usually manifests itself in the belief that the inanimate object can possess an otherwise good person, but that an otherwise good person should not possess said inanimate object.
-also: Gun Grabber, Freedom Grabber, Anti-gunner. - link me

Hyphenated Americans

(adj.) A hyphenated term that attempts to describe a person's physical appearance and fit them into an identity group, but sound as if it describes their nationality instead. An African- or Italian-American need not have been born in Africa or Italy.
-also: people of color, but definitely not colored people. - link me


(noun) A person who practices the custodial arts. - link me

Pleasure Police

(noun) A person or group of persons who see someone enjoying himself, and feel compelled to quell such enjoyment through nannyism, government over-regulation, and/or prohibitive taxation. Favorite weapons are junk science, voter apathy, and an "in your face" attitude.
-also: Anti-smoker, drink-nazi, smoke-nazi, fatty-foods-nazi, etc. - link me

Ravenwood's Law

"As a discussion about guns grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Dodge City or the Wild West approaches one." -- Ravenwood, May 12, 2005 - link me


(acronym)(noun) Red Curtain of Blood. That horrible seething anger that befalls me whenever I read something abominable or shockingly evil. - link me

Saturday Night Special

(slang)(noun) A derogatory term that refers to inexpensive handguns. Inherently racist in concept as well as origin. Laws against cheap guns are meant to keep them out of the hands of the poor and minorities, while the term itself is derived from the old expression "niggertown Saturday night", which was used to describe "uppity" blacks. - link me

Sissification of America

The systematic coddling and pampering of our nation's youth, in a vast left wing attempt to turn everyone into whiny pussies who are unable to fend for themselves. Thought to have been coined by the great Dr. Walter E. Williams.
-also: pussification. - link me

Urban Outdoorsman

Bum, vagrant, collector of aluminum cans.
-also: Homeless person. - link me


Vast Liberal Media Conspiracy. The phenomenon whereby members of the mass media feel compelled to poke fun at a conservative's speech impediment, whilst ignoring a liberal's actual crimes such as perjury or rape. - link me

Won Life's Lottery

(euphemism) Terminology used to describe a hard working and disciplined person who has clawed his way into the top 50% of wage earners, or whose personal income exceeds about $30,000. It is primarily used as an excuse to justify the fact that collectively, they pay more than 96% of all income taxes. Coined by Rep. Dick Gebhardt.
-also: Lucky, wealthy, richest Americans, and those who don't need tax cuts or child tax credits. - link me

Working Families

(euphemism) Terminology used to describe any person or family that is in the bottom half of wage earners and thus pay very little income tax. The opposite of those who have "won life's lottery" (earn about $30,000 or more). Unlike "working families" or "working poor", those in the top 50% don't actually do any work. They earn their money through deceit and trickeration, and have no need for tax cuts. Collectively, the "working poor" pays about 4% of all the federal income tax collected.
-also: Working People, Working Poor, Middle Class, those that need tax cuts. - link me