The Left’s Back Door Capital Punishment Ban

European companies, the FDA, and Bobo appear to be conspiring to affect a back-door capital punishment ban. Basically death penalty states cannot get the required drugs to administer lethal injection because they aren’t FDA approved. Importing said drugs results in confiscations at the border. (Apparently that’s easier to enforce than illegal immigration.)

Arizona paid nearly $27,000 for sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions but is no longer manufactured by FDA-approved companies, the documents said. When the drugs arrived via British Airways at the Phoenix International Airport in July, they were seized by federal officials and have not been released, according to the documents.

“The department is contesting FDA’s legal authority to continue to withhold the state’s execution chemicals,” state Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder said Thursday.

Of course there’s an easy solution to this. Simply go back to the days of hangings, electrocutions, firing squads, what-have-you. Which apparently some states are doing…

Other states are working around the drug shortage. Tennessee reinstated the electric chair for use if it can’t obtain lethal drugs, and Utah has reinstated the firing squad as a backup method.

There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

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Red Alert: Nothing Says Freedom Like Mandatory Voting

Bobo is floating the idea of making voting [for Democrats] mandatory. This raises busing people to the polls to new heights.

Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting in the U.S. while speaking to a civic group in Cleveland on Wednesday. Asked about the influence of money in U.S. elections, Obama digressed into the topic of voting rights and said the U.S. should be making it easier for people to vote.

Just ask Australia, where citizens have no choice but to vote, the president said.

“If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country,” Obama said, calling it “potentially transformative.” Not only that, Obama said, but universal voting would “counteract money more than anything.”

Bobo wants to transform America and this would certainly help achieve that goal.

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Global Warming Causes Volcanoes Now

Somewhere some academics are trying to prove that Global Warming causes everything. The latest addition to the list is volcanoes. Apparently all that melting ice and glaciers is going to cause volcanoes to erupt more frequently and violently.

…a planet running a fever is just like a person running a fever…

So what is the planet’s “normal” temperature again?

“As the glaciers melt, the pressure on the underlying rocks decreases,” Compton said in an e-mail to TIME. “Rocks at very high temperatures may stay in their solid phase if the pressure is high enough. As you reduce the pressure, you effectively lower the melting temperature.” The result is a softer, more molten subsurface, which increases the amount of eruptive material lying around and makes it easier for more deeply buried magma chambers to escape their confinement and blow the whole mess through the surface.

Apparently man is so all powerful that we can control weather, steer hurricanes, and now even cause volcanoes to errupt.

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The Assault Weapon Myth

In rare candidness, the New York Times finally admits that “Assault Weapons” are a myth.

…in the 10 years since the previous ban lapsed, even gun control advocates acknowledge a larger truth: The law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 made little difference.

It turns out that big, scary military rifles don’t kill the vast majority of the 11,000 Americans murdered with guns each year. Little handguns do. . .

More than 20 years of research funded by the Justice Department has found that programs to target high-risk people or places, rather than targeting certain kinds of guns, can reduce gun violence.

David M. Kennedy, the director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, argues that the issue of gun violence can seem enormous and intractable without first addressing poverty or drugs. A closer look at the social networks of neighborhoods most afflicted, he says, often shows that only a small number of men drive most of the violence. Identify them and change their behavior, and it’s possible to have an immediate impact.

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Armed felons working security?

I question the accuracy of this report from the Washington Post, which claims that an armed felon was riding in the elevator with Obama. (Though the claim comes from a politician not the report itself.)

I’m surprised that any strangers would be permitted to ride the elevator with him. Seems like the Secret Service would clear it out of any non-essentials and hijack the elevator for the duration of the ride. (I’ve actually had this happen to me when riding the elevator and it was needed by a so-called VIP.)

What is even more surprising is that an alleged convicted felon was hired as an armed guard. Providing guns to felons is a crime itself and any private security firm would need to do a thorough criminal background check prior to hiring someone in such a position.

A security contractor with a gun and three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President Obama during a Sept. 16 trip to Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocols, according to three people familiar with the incident. . .

“You have a convicted felon within arm’s reach of the president and they never did a background check,” (Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah) said.

Perhaps Chaffetz doesn’t have his facts straight or was just trying to score political points. It’s worth noting that another report from the Washington Examiner doesn’t report that the guy was a felon.

UPDATE: We were right to question the validity of the Washington Post report. They’ve since retracted their claim that the security guard had a criminal record. Our apologies to the guard, whom we hear lost his job because of this kerfuffle.

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“Hoarding” a “stockpile”

A gang-banger was arrested in New York for “hoarding” a “stockpile” of weapons. Well, I guess a pile is anything greater than one.

A New York man was arrested Friday after police found a stockpile of guns and ammunition while searching his Staten Island home.

Police raided the home of 42-year-old Nelson Quinones in West Brighton on Friday morning and found two loaded pistols and over 40 rounds of ammunition, the New York Post reported. Quinones was also found carrying a gravity knife, which are illegal in New York City.

Down south, that’s just our walkin’ around stockpile.

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Buttlegging Revisited

iconAs cigarette taxes rise year after year, buttlegging is still a problem according to a recent Breitbart report:

‘Smuggled cigarettes have become the new currency of organized crime, and a lot of these criminal organizations are finding that it’s more profitable than illegal narcotics,’ Rich Marianos, the retired Assistant Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, recently noted.

Marianos said that black market tobacco smuggling has become “a high-profit, low-risk criminal enterprise. Compared to drug offenses where there’s a mandatory minimum sentence, there’s no penalties out there for the cigarette trafficker.”

We’ve been saying this for years. This was more than a decade ago:

. . .keep in mind that all those smuggling dollars floating around are completely unregulated and may even end up in the hands of terrorists. One Michigan cigarette smuggling operation was suspected of having funneled millions to the Hezbolah terrorist group.

The Post also notes that since they are dealing a legal product, police and judges go pretty easy on them. A person busted for dealing cigarettes usually faces a summons or a small fine. With big pay days on the line, dealers engaged in turf wars have little remorse for their violent actions. Said one dealer, “Think about crack, man, how raw that got back in the 1980s. This ain’t that bad yet, but there’s easy, almost make-believe money to be made hawking smokes, so it don’t matter what the police do . . . you’re going to have crews setting up franchises, cutting up the city, and deading the competition.”

And back in 2005, we noted that…

Over-regulation leads to under-regulation. When prohibition of alcohol took affect, your average Joe didn’t think twice about civil disobedience. Speak-easies popped up and alcohol was available for anyone with the money to buy it. The price went up, the quality went down, and any of the laws that controlled product quality or safety were moot. As neo-temperance takes hold people will gradually start to ignore anti-smoking laws. That is, when cigarettes are outlawed only outlaws will have cigarettes. When that happens, the government will be powerless to control what goes into cigarettes. They could become more harmful, even deadly depending on how cheaply they’re produced. Laws governing the nicotine, tar, and carcinogens produced from tobacco will be worthless. And what about the children? There will be no way to limit access to cigarettes. All those age-limits that anti-smokers pushed through a few years back will be negated once cigarettes are sold in mass quantities on the streets. By over-regulating the product, they’ll actually increase it’s overall availability. The only thing between a child and a cigarette will be the conscience of the dealer.

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Bobo to act ‘unilaterally’ on guns

Obama plans to act “unilaterally” on guns, reports The Blaze. Responding to the latest school shooting, White House spokesman Josh Earnest notes that Obama is frustrated that Congress won’t advance his anti-gun agenda for him, so he’s got no choice but to issue exective orders.

“There’s no doubt there has been an alarming frequency of tragic incidents of gun violence that are concerning to Democrats and Republicans in Washington but more importantly to people all across the country,” Earnest said. “The question is what can we do to make certain something like this never ever happens again? There are going to be other tragedies. The question I think really facing lawmakers right now is what common sense steps can Democrats and Republicans take to reduce the likelihood of gun violence.”

Well they could start by making guns in school illegal. Maybe make murder illegal too. Or at least murder in schools should be illegal. After all if simply making things illegal elminates them, that’s a good place to start.

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More evidence that recycling is bullshit

Fifty-three tons of plastic that Washington D.C. claimed was to be recycled was shipped to Virginia landfills and incinerators.

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Red Alert: Communism Works, says Dem

Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla. says that Communism works, especially for those with good government jobs!

“Let me give you an example, the kind of money we’ve poured in,” he said. “So the most dangerous – sorry, the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez. Right?”

“And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico,” Garcia continued. “And of course, the reason is we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

And just how well does Communism work for those of us who are stuck footing the bill for all those good government jobs?

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