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Hollywood Felons and Guns

For years I’ve wondered how felons like Marky Mark get away with handling and shooting guns in movies when they’re prohibited persons. I never bothered to do any research on the topic, but today (via Drudge) this awful Hollywood Reporter article about guns fell into my lap.

To serve Hollywood’s marquee felons like Mark Wahlberg (currently brandishing a Glock 17 as a cop in Patriots Day) and Danny Trejo (most recently armed with an M1911A1 pistol in 2013’s Machete Kills) — who aren’t allowed by law to bear arms — ISS has a roster of realistic electronic guns (also known as e-guns or non-guns) that can stand in for everything from Smith & Wessons to Uzis. “They get a lot of use on hip-hop music video shoots,” says one weapons specialist. Producers working with ex-cons or shooting outside in neighborhoods with noise restrictions rely on them since they discharge at a much quieter level. They also are used in close-fire situations like a point-blank execution scene, where real weapons firing blanks are deemed unsafe (e-guns don’t eject shell casings).

That’s about the best thing I got from the article. That and California “conservatives” will always be liberals. For example there’s this:

Elsewhere at ISS, in a large office, owner Bilson — a self-described moderate “weapons enthusiast, not a weapons nut” who believes “there needs to be additional commonsense legislation” such as a national database “and a lot of other things that the NRA is against” — remains in the political cross fire. When he’s not ducking the NRA’s LaPierre’s verbal salvos about Hollywood violence (“We felt like we were thrown under the bus”), he’s navigating byzantine local, state, national and international gun laws (California legislation is the country’s strictest). ISS regularly is audited by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the state Department of Justice and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yes, audits for everyone!

As president of the American Entertainment Armories Association, Bilson is in close contact with the MPAA to carve out exemptions, such as a far shortened waiting period to get ahold of a handgun. “[Armorers] can’t wait 10 days — they need it that day or the very next day on set due to the speed of production,” he says, noting more generally, “There aren’t really rules governing what it is we do. So [legislators] have kind of fit a square peg in a round hole, and we have adapted to it as best as we can.”

So you can’t wait 10 days because you’re on a deadline, but a woman whose boyfriend is stalking her and threatening her life should be made to?

And I don’t believe this dubious claim for a second. They claim to have invented gang bangers acting like idiots by holding their gun sideways:

Sometimes armorers find that their onscreen handiwork worms its way back into real life. John Patteson, a Florida-based armorer (Cape Fear and Bad Boys II), recalls an experience on a 1980s TV show that he will not name in which a director wanted two guys with semiautomatic handguns to fire while standing next to each other. Patteson pointed out that the ejected rounds from one gun would hit the second man, at best creating an annoyance and at worst a potential safety hazard. “The director says, ‘How about we ask the left guy to tilt his gun sideways, so brass goes up and arcs away?’ ” Patteson adjusted the scene accordingly, but “next thing you know, I’m seeing guys in 7-Eleven videos holding the guns sideways.”

I’m a natural skeptic, but that smells like bullshit to me.

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Doomsday Prepping

When the zombie apocalypse hits, apparently you’re better off being in Alaska than New Jersey. That seems like a no-brainer, but I totally disagree with the methodology of this study.

The researchers looked at Facebook to see who was interested in topics like paintball, martial arts, survival skills, laser tag, and Ironman triathlons, while they turned to census data to determine active and retired military personnel.

Alaska and New Jersey are pretty much polar opposites, but why does Alabama rate so low, and New Hampshire rate so high?

Well, New Hampshire has a lot of gun owners, veterans, paintball enthusiasts and triathletes. On the other hand Alabama is filled with fat-asses who know nothing about zombies and never play laser tag. Hell do Alabamans even use facebook?

Selection bias aside, while laser tag and paintball might help you bring some practical zombie hunting skills to bear, they are severely overrated in this particular matrix. After all, Alabama is filled with actual game hunters and target shooters who likely don’t waste their time playing with toy guns.

If I were putting together a matrix (and I’m not) I would rate not only gun ownership, but population density (which isn’t even considered). After all, the last place you want to be when the zombies start their rampage is in an urban area. You want to get to a low density area with defensible and fortify-able positions. It also helps to have access to not just guns, but plenty of ammo. Urban areas may have guns (illegal or otherwise) but are there stockpiles of ammo? And then there’s food stores; though that likely plays to the strengths of urban areas.

When the shit hits the fan, personally I think your best bet is to grab some supplies throw them into your big gas guzzling SUV and head for the hills at full speed. Yeah, a Prius might get your more range, but good luck busting through barricades and hordes of dead bodies. I’d gladly sacrifice miles per gallon for a good roomy 4×4 with a locking diff. But that’s just me.

As for food, a buddy once asked me about putting MREs in my “bug out” bag. I told him I got a gun so I can always get food. He said, “Oh you mean by hunting?”

“Umm…. yeah, right… hunting,” I replied. Maybe living in a state with relatively few gun owners isn’t so bad after all.

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You might be a gun nut if…

One of your wedding cakes has a big gun on it…


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How to spray fire your bullet hose from the hip

Can’t stop laughing

The “bring your buddy along” firing stance

The Nautical theme is ever popular, as seen by this militiaman wearing the stylish Kapok life jacket.
Won’t stop a bullet, but sure looks Boo-yaa!

Yeah, it is so wrong. But don’t let that stop you from checking out the dozen more even funnier ones. You have to click through to the forum to read the rest.

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You might be a gun nut if…

You see a hot chick with cold steel in her pants and you critique her gun etiquette. She’ll never be able to draw down with the grips facing outward! The grip has to face inward.

(Click to Supersize)

In this other pic (URL NSFW), she does show good gun safety.

Via Mobog.
(some pics not safe for work)

UPDATE: The guys wife must have figured out he was posting pics of her, because he took them all down.

UPDATE2: Some of the pics are back.

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You might be a gun nut if…

If you see a photo of terrorists and critique their gun safety, you might be a gun nut. If I owned an RPG (rocket propelled grenade), I’d probably unload it while in the house. And pointing your machinegun at the guy waving the RPG around, also not a good idea.

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