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Prognosis Negative

Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with a brain tumor and apparently has about a 4% chance of survival. McCain is 80 years old.

Under Obamacare, the Death Panels probably wouldn’t let Senator McCain seek treatment due to his age and prognosis. Good thing for him Congress exempted themselves. The rest of us, apparently, are screwed.

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The Left’s Back Door Capital Punishment Ban

European companies, the FDA, and Bobo appear to be conspiring to affect a back-door capital punishment ban. Basically death penalty states cannot get the required drugs to administer lethal injection because they aren’t FDA approved. Importing said drugs results in confiscations at the border. (Apparently that’s easier to enforce than illegal immigration.)

Arizona paid nearly $27,000 for sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions but is no longer manufactured by FDA-approved companies, the documents said. When the drugs arrived via British Airways at the Phoenix International Airport in July, they were seized by federal officials and have not been released, according to the documents.

“The department is contesting FDA’s legal authority to continue to withhold the state’s execution chemicals,” state Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder said Thursday.

Of course there’s an easy solution to this. Simply go back to the days of hangings, electrocutions, firing squads, what-have-you. Which apparently some states are doing…

Other states are working around the drug shortage. Tennessee reinstated the electric chair for use if it can’t obtain lethal drugs, and Utah has reinstated the firing squad as a backup method.

There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

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People Who Live In Glass Houses…

Greta Van Susteren takes it to Virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson after he declared war on Fox News, the Tea Party, and the NRA. Dickinson thought he could get away with simply reciting liberal talking points, but Greta turned the tables and called him out for the hypocrite that he is.

Mike Dickinson, Democrat from Virginia, had just finished saying that Fox News, the Tea Party, and the NRA are full of lies and misrepresentations when Greta jumped on him.

“That’s really bad to portray yourself not as who you are, right?” Van Susteren began, knowing exactly where she was going. She then read a letter Dickinson sent to a Virginia newspaper in which he falsely claimed to be the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Show Clubs, a cluster of strip clubs.

“I consulted for them, I did,” Dickinson said in his defense.

“It says CEO of Mid-Atlantic. Were you the CEO?” Van Susteren pressed.

“You got me there,” Dickinson admitted, looking embarrassed.

“It was a lie — a little bit of a lie, right?” the host said.

You’ve got to see the video to believe it.

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World’s Smallest Violin

Retiring Congressman Jim Moran, D-VA, says that legislators are underpaid. They simply can’t make ends meet earning a mere $174,000 a year plus benefits. Of course, in the old days being a U.S. lawmaker was not a full time 30-year career.

Moran, who represents Northern Virginia right outside D.C., complains that congressmen have to maintain two residences (one in D.C. and one back home).

“I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” Moran told Roll Call.

“I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.

“Moran says some members live out of their offices to save money and others have little apartment units…”Our pay has been frozen for three years and we’re planning on freezing it a fourth year,” he told Roll Call.

As little as they apparently make, it’s amazing how some congressmen manage to make millions on the side whilst in office.

And of course no mention of Virginia Democrat Rep. James “Blame the J-E-W-S” Moran would be complete without mentioning this oldie but goodie from Marc Fisher of the Washington Post:

Challenging Moran should be the easiest job in America. After all, this is the congressman who — you’ll need a deep breath to make it to the end of this sentence — grabbed an 8-year-old boy in a parking lot because Moran thought the kid had threatened him; borrowed $25,000 from a drug company lobbyist five days before agreeing to co-sponsor a bill that would help that lobbyist’s client; took a $447,000 loan from a credit company four days before signing on to legislation that the company was pushing; got into a shoving match on the House floor with one colleague; threatened to punch another congressman in the nose; and just last year told an audience that there’d be no war against Iraq without the support of the Jewish community. Whew.

He won’t be missed.

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Only Hispanics Can Represent Hispanics

A Federal Judge in New York didn’t like the outcome of recent elections, so he gave residents extra votes to make things more fair for Hispanics.

Voters in Port Chester, 25 miles northeast of New York City, are electing village trustees for the first time since the federal government alleged in 2006 that the existing election system was unfair. The election ends Tuesday and results are expected late Tuesday night.

Although the village of about 30,000 residents is nearly half Hispanic, no Latino had ever been elected to any of the six trustee seats, which until now were chosen in a conventional at-large election. Most voters were white, and white candidates always won.

Federal Judge Stephen Robinson said that violated the Voting Rights Act, and he approved a remedy suggested by village officials: a system called cumulative voting, in which residents get six votes each to apportion as they wish among the candidates. He rejected a government proposal to break the village into six districts, including one that took in heavily Hispanic areas.

The underlying premise here is inherently bigoted. Robinson’s reasoning is that a fair system is segregated and not integrated. Apparently only Hispanics should represent Hispanics, and using Robinson’s logic Hispanics themselves are so prejudiced that they would not deign to vote for white people.

Perhaps Robinson, a Bush appointee, should have recused himself from the case since he is presumably non-Hispanic and could not possibly rule in their best interests.

This post was updated to correct inaccuracies. Thanks to ParatrooperJJ for keeping us honest.

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How low will he go?

Obama makes it a habit of bowing to other heads of state…

China’s Premier Wen Jiabao

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulla

Japan’s Emperor Akihito

China’s President Hu Jintao

It’s getting embarrassing…

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PC Alert II

So Rahm Emanuel referred to a bunch of Democrats as “fucking retards” and now there is a big debate about the word retarded. It seems to me that whatever the change the word to, it will eventually become a slur. Didn’t this happen with moron and idiot, which both started out as clinical terms (moron meaning mildly retarded, and idiot meaning extremely retarded).

Now, striking out at Rahm Emanuel for using the term as an epithet seems valid to me. I do this whenever someone describes something foolish as “hokey” because I consider it a slight to my beloved Hokies. It is a valiant, albeit challenging, effort to reclaim the medical roots of the term.

But trying to wipe the so-called “R-word” from the public lexicon seems extreme which is what they are now doing. Personally I don’t like political correctness and would prefer to call a spade a spade. Calling someone who is retarded.. retarded should not be a crime.

But then I noted the shift way back in 2003:

I don’t watch a lot of VH1, but they were doing these 1980s Strikes Back specials, so I turned off the v-chip and tuned in. During the course of the program, VH1 is interviewing several celebrities about their take on the 80s. Naturally when dealing with celebs and 1980s pop culture, there is some swearing and nudity, which VH1 bleeps over or censors for regular TV. But, I could not help but notice that they bleeped over the word “retarded”. To put it in context, an actress was discussing the TV show LA Law, and she commented that her favorite character “was the retarded man”.

If the character was indeed retarded, they shouldn’t bleep someone for referring to him as such. Doing so seems…. retarded.

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The Only War Obama Is Willing To Fight

When it comes to sending more troops to Afghanistan, Obama voted “Present”. But there’s one enemy the White House is more than willing to take on: Fox News.

The White House is calling on other news organizations to isolate and alienate Fox News as it sends out top advisers to rail against the cable channel as a Republican Party mouthpiece.

Top political strategists question the decision by the Obama administration to escalate its offensive against Fox News. And as of Monday, the four other major television networks had not given any indication that they intend to sever their ties with Fox News.

But several top White House officials have taken aim at Fox News since communications director Anita Dunn branded Fox “opinion journalism masquerading as news” in an interview last Sunday.

Am I the only one that thinks this sort of behavior is not very “Presidential”?

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Obama’s like school in the summer…

Obama’s multiple snubs of the Brits are going largely unreported in the United States. But the British Press won’t let Obama get away with the fact that his gift to PM Brown had no class.

The Prime Minister gave Mr Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet.

The unique present delighted Mr Obama because oak from the Gannet’s sister ship, HMS Resolute, was carved to make a desk that has sat in the Oval Office in the White House since 1880.

Mr Brown also handed over a framed commission for HMS Resolute and a first edition of the seven-volume biography of Churchill by Sir Martin Gilbert.

Obama gave the British Prime Minister a set of DVDs. (Not even Blu-Ray) How much you wanna bet they were region 1?

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Democrats are Standing in the Schoolhouse Door, Again


I thought George Wallace was dead?

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