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CNN’s hard left turn

CNN has always leaned left. But lately, they’ve taken a hard left turn. I’ve been thinking lately that CNN is tired of getting beat by MSNBC, who went batshit lefty years ago. Thus they’re going batshit lefty to try to get some of their marketshare of batshit leftists back.

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When cash is banned…

Then only criminals will have cash. Apparently in Europe and, if you believe the pundits, even some US states, governments are banning cash transactions above a certain threshold. It’s all for the good of the people, mind you. According to the powers that be, only drug dealers and criminals use large amounts of cash. Call […]

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Red Alert: One income for all: far fetched or communism?

Here we go again with utopian dreams that are not rooted in reality. The AFP posits a future society that will no longer be centered around work and instead everyone will be given a guaranteed stipend (entitlement) by the state. Enter the concept of a “universal basic income”, a flat sum paid to all regardless […]

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High powered .22s redux

Remember the WaPo story last week that claimed .22LR was a “high powered” rifle. I figured at the time the reporter inadvertently pulled it from his stylebook, not realizing the .22 round is a small step above a high powered air rifle. Well, apparently the author is doubling down by pointing out the round is […]

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High powered .22s

The Trump administration may make a play to deregulate firearm suppressors, and the libtards are having none of that. The anti-gunners watch (and believe) too many movies where “silencers” make guns sound like mouse farts. They’re claiming that sound suppressors are about killing discretely rather than hearing protection, as if gang-bangers doing a drive-by are […]

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Hollywood Felons and Guns

For years I’ve wondered how felons like Marky Mark get away with handling and shooting guns in movies when they’re prohibited persons. I never bothered to do any research on the topic, but today (via Drudge) this awful Hollywood Reporter article about guns fell into my lap. To serve Hollywood’s marquee felons like Mark Wahlberg […]

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Then you’re an idiot

“I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia.” — Morrissey, Musician

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The Left’s Back Door Capital Punishment Ban

European companies, the FDA, and Bobo appear to be conspiring to affect a back-door capital punishment ban. Basically death penalty states cannot get the required drugs to administer lethal injection because they aren’t FDA approved. Importing said drugs results in confiscations at the border. (Apparently that’s easier to enforce than illegal immigration.) Arizona paid nearly […]

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Red Alert: Nothing Says Freedom Like Mandatory Voting

Bobo is floating the idea of making voting [for Democrats] mandatory. This raises busing people to the polls to new heights. Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting in the U.S. while speaking to a civic group in Cleveland on Wednesday. Asked about the influence of money in U.S. elections, Obama digressed into the topic […]

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Global Warming Causes Volcanoes Now

Somewhere some academics are trying to prove that Global Warming causes everything. The latest addition to the list is volcanoes. Apparently all that melting ice and glaciers is going to cause volcanoes to erupt more frequently and violently. …a planet running a fever is just like a person running a fever… So what is the […]

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