Why Elections Matter

In Virginia it's legal to carry a gun in your car in a closed compartment without a concealed handgun permit. The Attorney General issued an opinion as such, and Virginia Judges and case law agree that the compartment does not have to be locked, it merely has to be closed (think center console or non-locking glove box). However, the actual text of the law says "secured" compartment which is ever so slightly ambiguous.

House Bill 962 would have clarified the law to make it align with the AG opinion and existing case law. It's pretty non-controversial and passed with veto-proof majorities and bi-partisan support, however our carpet bagger, campaign finance cheat, and gun-grabbing Governor Terry "The Punk" McAuliffe decided to veto it anyway.

His vote was largely symbolic, because it doesn't change Virginia law, rather than merely clarify the law. Let's hope the bi-partisan majority votes to override his veto later this year.

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