Monolithic Media

Here is an interesting comparison of the number of news stories about each event. One is 24/7 news, the other got almost no coverage at all outside of the local news.



And then there's this:


It really was incredible how our community came together after "the flood" (as we like to call it). I live in one of the hardest hit areas of Nashville, Bellevue, and while we were extremely lucky to have only lost our power for 6 days, so many neighbors, who were lower, lost everything. My wife's sister who lives next to Opry Mills lost their home and have been staying with us since until they can repair their home. Like the video describes, there was no looting, no cries for external help, no intensified crime. It was an amazing experience to see communities staying home from work and school to help rip carpet and appliances out of strangers homes who were trying to rebuild. Caravans of volunteers (like my wife) drove to the hardest hit areas passing out cold water for people who had no water. Just a horrific ordeal that brought out so much good in people and it makes me proud to be a Nashvillian. We truly are the Volunteer State.

Posted by: Mays at June 1, 2010 5:14 PM

Will the eco-wackos blame this on the residents of NASHVILLE for not honoring GAIA that these eco-wackos worship at their stupid earthday meetings?

Posted by: Flu-Bird at August 3, 2010 1:59 AM
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