Politics and Road Rage

Roanoke Times editorialist Christian Trejbal, who recently compared concealed handgun permit holders to sex offenders, proves he's just a transplanted liberal who hates living in the very much "red-state" Southwest Virginia. This week his beef is with Virginian's sense of individuality.

I will admit that Virginia has more vanity plates than any other state I've seen. They are fairly cheap, easy to get, and provide a good source of revenue for the state. However in his latest editorial Trejbal admits he's not pro-choice. In fact, when someone has a license plate or bumper sticker he disagrees with he apparently begins driving like an asshole.

When I see a car plastered with stickers promoting candidates or views with which I disagree, I treat them just like the gas-guzzling, road-hogging sport utility vehicles I find equally morally bankrupt: I don't yield to them.

When someone throws on a turn signal indicating he wants to break into traffic, in most circumstances there is no obligation to give way. If a vehicle sports one of those ironically misguided fish-eating-the-fish-with-feet, forget it. If it has the "Coexist" sticker with all those different religious symbols for letters, well, then I'll make some room.

I assume people of all political persuasions follow similar driving maxims, even if subconsciously. One of the reasons to wear politics and religion on the sleeve -- or in this case the bumper -- is to evoke a reaction. Perhaps if enough motorists refused to yield to SUVs, their owners might reconsider their automotive choice.

How elitist can one guy be? Notice that in typical liberal fashion he projects his own shortcomings onto others, assuming everyone else is as pathetic as he is.

Personally, I yield to Democrats and Republicans alike. If someone has their turn signal on, I yield to them. If they don't, I don't. Traffic is bad enough without liberal assholes making our streets more dangerous.

Isn't it ironic that Trejbal supports the premise of those annoying "coexist" bumper stickers, when he himself refuses to yield to those with conflicting viewpoints.

Bullying other drivers to make a political point is not only petty, it's dangerous and stupid. Maybe Trejbal's insurance company should speak to him about that.


Trejbal seems to have a talent for pissing people off; I wonder if he learned that in journalism school, or whether it's a special talent? I'm not sure why they employ him as writer, as his real talent is being an asshole.

Posted by: BobG at March 26, 2007 1:57 PM

Exactly. Was he born stupid, or did he study?

I wonder how he would treat me, after the parcel post episode, with my 4000# van sporting NRA tags?

Posted by: Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner at March 26, 2007 2:49 PM

If you look at his picture, he's got this smirky Bill Gates asshole thing going on, too.

Posted by: Adam Lawson at March 26, 2007 4:02 PM

well, at least Bill Gates (to my knowledge) has never tried to convince anybody else he *isn't* an asshole.

i don't yield to right-wingers either, unless i have to. (i'm not gonna put anybody at risk in traffic because of my own bigotry. annoy some random stranger, yes; endanger them, no.) but i freely admit that i AM an asshole, and that this behaviour of mine is swinish. i relish in it, rather like the Bush administration.

Posted by: Nomen Nescio at March 27, 2007 9:05 AM

IANAL, but admitting that you do not yield to a certain type of vehicle is a pretty bad course of action.
If someone driving a large SUV were to get into an accident with him, they could sue and use this "admission" as evidence that he intentionally crashed into them.

He's not too bright.

Posted by: _Jon at March 27, 2007 11:15 AM

I guess he doesn't know that a turn signals purpose is not "ask permission" for changing lanes or moving into traffic. The purpose, is to alert other drivers that the vehicle "is" moving that direction.

Posted by: j at April 3, 2007 6:04 PM
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