Like let's do something drastic, man

James Taranto points out this hilarious post on Democratic Underground. (link contains some profanity)

Sometimes I just get so mad that my country is committing mass murder. What power have I to stop it?

I am going to start reading up on Ghandi. This is the breaking point. I have to do something drastic, like go on a hunger strike chained to a light pole next to the NBC building in Chicago. But it's starting to get cold and I have my thesis to work on and classes to finish up this semester.

When I graduate in May, if we are still at war, I will honestly be about doing this. I can go for weeks on a diet of a handful of rice per day. If it's Summer, I won't die of cold, either. I wish I had done this this last Summer.

Maybe I can get 20 or so people to do this with me. Maybe we can lie on the street covered with cow blood for weeks at a time and say we are calling attention to the murders of our own troops and Iraqi civilians. And only until the war has ended will we feel good enough to eat again. I could surround myself with pictures of dead soldiers and Iraqis.

Do you think it would work? Do you think the Chicago police would arrest me and take me in? Would you be willing to join me in May?

While this is of little comfort to those who will be murdered by George Bush between now and next May, it's refreshing to see that some young people out there are still willing to sacrifice themselves for others; as long as it's not too cold outside or doesn't get in the way of homework.

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......And when I 'graduate' -in womyns studies or ethiopian basket weaving I presume-, my first action will be to act like a twat and throw it all away.
If we didn't have people like this for laughs, we'd have to invent them.

Posted by: robert in england at November 8, 2005 7:23 AM

The DU arming up thread is even more amusing:

Moonbats with firearms? Oh the humanity.....

Posted by: Kristopher at November 8, 2005 12:57 PM

If they feel that strongly about it, I encourage them to start now. In Fairbanks.

Posted by: Heartless Libertarian at November 8, 2005 9:18 PM

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