Global Warming SoD: Plant plankton hardest hit

iconWhen birds migrate, it's no big deal. But when plankton relocates a little bit, scientists who have devoted their entire life to continuously recording plankton movements have a conniption fit.

Global warming is causing microscopic marine life in the seas around the UK to move north, in the biggest shift in the past 100 years and raising concerns that other marine species could follow, according to a Government report out today.

Scientists working on the Continuous Plankton Recorder survey have found that the warm water plankton in the North Sea are migrating northwards while cold water plankton are moving even further north as seawater temperature rises.

During my second freshman year of college I discovered the solution to global warming, but nobody would listen to me. Most people think that most of our oxygen comes from trees. But with two-thirds of the Earth's surface covered with water, it actually comes from oceans full of plant plankton, who dutifully convert CO2 to oxygen through photosynthesis. The biggest harm to plant plankton is not global warming, since a spike in CO2 would just mean that plant life thrives. Instead, plant plankton's biggest predator is whales. Whales scoop up plankton by the truckload. It would seem obvious then, that the solution is to protect plant plankton by slaughtering whales. With an absence of predators, plant plankton will overpopulate and drastically cut CO2 levels.

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Sounds like a good idea but killing all those whales would make all the enviros cry. There would be blubbering everywhere; not a good situation...

BTW: How much chlorophyll and sunlight do those plankton have available?

Posted by: Carl Fisher at March 8, 2005 2:30 AM

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