Update: NY Man faces prison time for defending family

Remember Ronald Dixon? Ronald Dixon is a New Yorker who caught an intruder messing around in the bedroom of his toddler son. His understandable response was to bust a cap off in his ass. Now, New York is prosecuting Dixon for having an unregistered firearm.

The NY Daily News is reporting that although prosecutors have offered Dixon a plea bargain, it still includes time in prison. If I were Dixon, I would hold out for a jury trial. After all, right is right, and I would hope that no jury would convict a man for protecting his family. I sure as hell wouldn't. Under those circumstances, there is absolutely no way on Earth someone could convince me to vote for a conviction.

I first covered Dixon in December, and mentioned him again in early January when a similar incident happened to Mark Freamon.

(link via Rachel)

Category:  Defending Your Life
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