Appeal to Authority?

There was a fire at the Bellagio last night. Firefighters arrived in about 5 minutes and thanks to a quick and overwhelming response, they had it quelled within 20 minutes. Then there’s this indictment of today’s society:

At the fire’s start, [Adrea] Sloniker [from Seattle] said she was confused. She was looking for authorities to direct people what to do or where to go, but she said there were none.

I get it that she is from the Pacific northwest, but how can you be so reliant on “authorities” that you have no clue what to do when you see a fire?

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  1. Ken in NH
    Posted 04/17/17 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    The authorities compelled under threat of pains and penalties to provide emergency exits and signage to guide people, even people from the Northwest, to safety. Obviously it is not enough. The authorities should compel businesses to provide personal safety valets for each guest to give them guidance if an emergency should occur.

    • Ish
      Posted 04/18/17 at 1:17 am | Permalink

      But who will guide the personal safety valets?

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