High powered .22s

The Trump administration may make a play to deregulate firearm suppressors, and the libtards are having none of that. The anti-gunners watch (and believe) too many movies where “silencers” make guns sound like mouse farts. They’re claiming that sound suppressors are about killing discretely rather than hearing protection, as if gang-bangers doing a drive-by are worried about keeping a low profile.

Then there’s this:

But gun-control activists say silencers are getting quieter, particularly in combination with subsonic ammunition, which is less lethal but still damaging. They point to videos on YouTube in which silencers make high-powered rifles have “no more sound than a pellet gun,” according to one demonstrator showing off a silenced semiautomatic .22LR.

Yes, “high powered” .22LR rifles can be silenced down to sound like air rifles. Nevermind that a .22 rifle already sort of sounds like an air rifle, calling it “high powered” is a like comparing a Fiat to a Ferrari.

UPDATE: The author is apparently doubling down on the .22LR being high powered by pointing out the round is used by the Israeli military.

…rather than admit error and issue a correction, Mike Rosenwald doubled down. And he doubled down in the most absurd way possible: by mocking anyone who corrected him, and then by refusing to provide any source or data to back up his absurd claim… Had Rosenwald followed his own advice to use Google to verify simple facts, he would’ve learned that IDF sometimes issues .22 LR rifles in extremely limited circumstances not for combat purposes, but to kill small animals and injure violent protesters.

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  1. Geoff
    Posted 01/10/17 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    My two Form 1 suppressors (5.56 and 300BLK ARs) are so quiet with subsonic ammo, the hammer dropping is louder than the gunshot.

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