Armed felons working security?

I question the accuracy of this report from the Washington Post, which claims that an armed felon was riding in the elevator with Obama. (Though the claim comes from a politician not the report itself.)

I’m surprised that any strangers would be permitted to ride the elevator with him. Seems like the Secret Service would clear it out of any non-essentials and hijack the elevator for the duration of the ride. (I’ve actually had this happen to me when riding the elevator and it was needed by a so-called VIP.)

What is even more surprising is that an alleged convicted felon was hired as an armed guard. Providing guns to felons is a crime itself and any private security firm would need to do a thorough criminal background check prior to hiring someone in such a position.

A security contractor with a gun and three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President Obama during a Sept. 16 trip to Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocols, according to three people familiar with the incident. . .

“You have a convicted felon within arm’s reach of the president and they never did a background check,” (Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah) said.

Perhaps Chaffetz doesn’t have his facts straight or was just trying to score political points. It’s worth noting that another report from the Washington Examiner doesn’t report that the guy was a felon.

UPDATE: We were right to question the validity of the Washington Post report. They’ve since retracted their claim that the security guard had a criminal record. Our apologies to the guard, whom we hear lost his job because of this kerfuffle.

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